Video by Cory Gehr
Music by Quiet Life and Ansco
Words by Hudson Ritchie

A few months back I decided to get away from home in California and see another part of the world. I wanted waves, warm water, and culture. I wanted to see life down in Central America and picked El Salvador. Myself and two of my best friends hopped on a red eye and arrived jet lagged dragging our gear through the streets looking for our ride. As every day went by you start to generate a pattern of daily routine, of waking up early, surfing or driving to check waves, lunching at a local restaurant eating fresh fish, waiting for the wind to settle, then a sunset surf. We explored the city streets, walked through busy street markets to the sounds of local Salvadoran rap blasting on boom boxes and the smell of gasoline filling the streets. We spent a lot of time just driving, passing by kids playing sports who would always wave and smile. The houses filled with family’s that stare at you in curiosity. We got fun waves but better laughs, and stories. El Salvador might not be the tropical getaway many chase but the friendships, culture & local smiles makes up for that by far. I felt as if I only got a taste of what life is like in El Salvador and I plan to go back again soon.