Classics Story #011

On Holiday with Montana Purchase

Discover Europe through the lens of our friend Montana Purchase, who recently jet-set her way to some of the most post-card worthy destinations of Greece, Spain, and Portugal. Equipped with her trusty travel camera, and an assortment of Rhythm Classics paired with our most recent Capsule Mirage, Montana and her boyfriend Ambrose indulged in the fine wines, rich mornings, and warm waters of an Autumn getaway. It's an essential kind of leisure.


Photographs by partner Ambrose

our Muse

Where did your travels take you?


We travelled to Greece, Spain and Portugal during the beginning of Autumn. The summer crowds had left and the evenings were cool, but the days were still balmy. We caught lots of sunshine.


If you had to note your peak of the trip, what would it be?


My favourite place to visit was Hydra, Greece. Everywhere you looked was postcard worthy. There are no cars either, just donkeys. We ate and drank beautiful Greek cuisine and laid in the sun on the rocks. Ambrose did lots of cliff jumping


Favourite food consumed on the trip would be?


The best food we had would hvae to be grilled fish over the fire, and we had this many times in lots of different places! Always with a nice salad or greens, you can't go wrong.


Holiday beverage of choice?


Most mornings we had espresso freddo - an iced espresso essentially. Evenings we usually had cheap chilled red wine or an aperol spritz if we were feeling a little extra!


If you had to describe the trip with a song, what would it be?


Enter Laughing by Electreland - we had a lot of fun


Most importantly, where to next?


Our favourite surf spots on the East Coast for summer, whereever there are waves!