Spoons Film Screening

Dusty archives have been painstakingly tracked down and remastered to bring a new perspective to one of the most crucial periods in surfing’s evolution. From Santa Barbara to Australia, this is a film compiled of never-before-seen footage from surfing’s Golden Age, with outtakes and extras from some of surfing’s most well known filmmakers to tell a history that has never been told before.

It was an enjoyable way to wave goodbye to summer; a warm summers afternoon, crates full of ice cold Stone & Wood, an hour long surf documentary about the true Santa Barbara story and the legends of surf plus some kick-back vinyl being spun in between. Huge appreciation for all who came down to enjoy the incredible piece of cinema Justin and Wyatt have pieced together. If you haven't seen the full length already, do yourself a favour and click through below:

Watch the full length here

Thanks as well to our friends at Stone & Wood
Photographs by Ash Durden