Introducing the newest venture for Rhythm.

Filmed by Warwick Gow | Photos by Woody Gooch

It’s the turn of the season. It’s welcomed. Skies move and mould before our eyes, an ever-present change lingering quietly in the air like an afternoon storm brewing lowly out to sea. Oceans shift and change and the world seems black and white and beautiful all at the same time. There is an intangible pull to her embrace, an unconscious yearn to wade deeper and deeper as you step into her world with a board underarm. A welcomed shift indeed. And so we digress, place forth an offering from Rhythm; our first collection of wetsuit tops. Designed in true Rhythm style, a classic look laced with personality and made from nothing but the most premium materials. Complimenting indeed to your wardrobe of Rhythm trunks. It’s come time now to introduce our latest venture as we introduce Rhythm Wetsuits. First Edition.